Mum’s Chilling Words Before ‘Trying To Drown Sons’


A mother who tried to kill her own sons told her friend that “I have to drown my babies”

The mother, who can not be named for legal reasons, is believed to have taken her nine and five year old boys to the Murray River, in New South Wales, Australia in a attempt to murder them.

It’s also understood that she told a friend in a disturbing premonition that she “had to drown my babies”.

Bendigo Magistrates were told how the 27-year-old mother took her eldest son into the river and and held his head under the water, as the traumtised younger brother looked on and screamed from the water’s edge.

When he eventually escaped it’s understood that she took her youngest child and took him into river, where he was last seen floating face.

Police are still continuing the search for his body, whilst the eldest son is in hospital recovering from being attacked by a dog during his escape.

The courts also found out that the prior to the events she was already on bail and was released from prison just a month beforehand. As of this moment it’s feared that her youngest son is dead and she herself has been charged with attempted murder.

she was instantly placed under arrest on Thursday night after she had handed herself in to the local authorities. It’s been revealed from a statement from the boys’ grandparents that they had been looking after the both of them for 18 months and warned that authorities that she posed a ‘risk’ to their safety upon her release from prison.

Their lawyer read a statement on their behalf saying:

We had made considerable representations to Family and Children Services and the Department of Correctional Services about the imminent risk posed to the little boys with their mother’s release from prison.

Both departments failed to act and consequently we now have a grieving family.

Both boys have different fathers and the police are trying to contact both of them to inform them of what just took place.