Mum’s Chippy Tea Ruined By Man Slapping Penis On Car Window

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A mother was put off her tea time break at a fish and chips shop after she saw a man slap his penis on a car window.


The woman, who cannot be named for legal purposes, was with two other women at the time the person in question drunkenly whipped out his penis to parade it around Redcar, in North Yorkshire.

A seaside resort and town, it’s a popular hotspot for Brits looking for a mini-getaway. However, the town’s tranquil vibe seems to have been disrupted by the lewd and drunken behaviour of 44-year-old John Henson.

Teeside Magistrates Court heard how Henson had been on a mammoth drinking session before ruining the women’s seaside excursion, as reported by Teesside Live. The women were eating chips in their car, when – with no warning at all – Henson undid his trousers and proceeded to whack his genitals against the car door, the court heard.


The driver rolled down her car window to throw her chips at the ‘dirty b*****d’ in hopes of shooing him away. She also told her mum, who was one of the passengers in the car, to do the same thing.

Prosecutor Rachael Dodsworth stated to the court how Henson:

… continued to wiggle his penis around, then tried to get in the car through the window

The terrified women yelled at Henson, telling him to leave them alone, they also tried to move the car, which was parked off of Central Terrace, near Redcar’s clock tower – but were blocked in. It was at this point Henson dropped his trousers and took a poo in the street near the car.

The bizarre and distressing incident is believed to have taken place in the middle of the day, June 29, near Henson’s home at Henson Mews, Redcar. As well as performing lewd acts Henson was accused of shouting obscene sexual remarks at the women, before calming down.

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A statement, written by one of the victims, was read out in court. It said:

It was obscene and disgusting. I normally go to Redcar with my grandchildren but I was so glad I didn’t bring them this time.

The dirty b****r put me off going to Redcar, and it put me off my dinner.


A witness testimony also stated:

This was an embarrassment for the town of Redcar.

A probation report regarding Henson revealed he had been to a nightclub until 4.30 AM that morning. He carried on drinking alone until 8 AM and had taken cocaine, before going to a friend’s house


Speaking to the court on Tuesday, his probation worker said:

He is disgusted with himself.

He says he had a difficult childhood, growing up in Guisborough. He says when he drinks he drinks heavily.


Mitigating for Henson, John Nixon told the court he has been an alcoholic since he was 22 years old. He admitted his crimes and showed remorse.

District Judge Kristina Harrison said:

I am sure having heard all of that, you realise how unpleasant your behaviour was towards these women.

They found it extremely distressing – and can you blame them?


Henson, who pleaded guilty, was slapped with an 18-month community order, with six months supervision and 25 rehabilitation activity days.

He has also been ordered to pay the three women in the car – as well as a passerby – £100 each in compensation.

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