Murderous Shooting Spree Ends In Gun Battle After Police Hunt Down Killer

Christian Murdock/AP

Four people are dead, including the suspected gunman, following another shooting spree in America.

The horrific incident in Colorado Springs ended in a gun battle between the suspect and police – the cops spotted the man walking down the street carrying a rifle and he opened fire on them. They shot back and killed him.

As reported by multiple news outlets, the suspect shot and killed one person, started a small fire at a house, then travelled through the neighbourhood and shot two more women, before the police arrived.

Speaking to KRDO, one witness said:

Fellow was about 3 feet from me here. I guess he was the guy that had all the weapons. And the cop pulled up and said, ‘Drop your gun.’ They started shooting at each other and the bullets went over me, and then all the other cops showed up.

Speaking to KKTV 11 News, Alisha Jaynes described the scene, adding:

They yelled, ‘Put the gun down,’ and he turned around, and that’s when they shot at him a good 20 times. There was a lot of gunfire.

The crime scene reportedly covered several major downtown streets and authorities have closed off most of the streets in the area while they investigate the situation and try and figure out why the shooting happened.