Muslim ‘Hipster’ Fired From Airport Job Because Of Long Beard

by : UNILAD on : 21 Dec 2015 12:43

A Muslim man claims he was fired from his job at an airport in Paris because of his long beard.


But Bachir, 32, says his long facial hair was kept for ‘hipster’ reasons, telling Le Parisien the beard ‘was for fashion, in a hipster style… not for religion’.

He was given a warning by bosses at Orly Airport one week after the Paris attacks, and claims one supervisor offered ‘to bring in a lawnmower’ to trim the beard.

Bachir refused to shave it off and the airport sent him home, where he later received a letter telling him he was fired, the Daily Mail reported.


He wasn’t the only person to be fired from the airport for their facial hair, 34-year-old Beshir was also dismissed in similar circumstances, when he failed to trim his beard earlier this year.

Both men have now launched legal action against security agency Securitas, with their lawyer alleging discrimination, as well as saying some companies had given in to ‘paranoia’ since the attacks on November 13th.

Securitas disputes the claim, saying Bachir had breached company policy and that the beard was ‘an additional but not essential factor’ to his dismissal, claiming it was mostly down to lateness, absences and ‘chattering’ too much.

It’s been reported that about 70 people have had their secure-zone clearance withdrawn at Paris airports in the wake of the terror attacks.

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Daily Mail
  1. Daily Mail

    Paris airport fires two Muslim men because 'their beards were too long' (but one insists he is just a hipster)