Muslim Man Nails Meaning Of Christmas As He Gives Gifts To Homeless People

Rambo Vlogs/YouTube

The adverts have been running for well over a month, shopping centres are packed with eager consumers, and everyone is getting wrapped up in Christmas.

But are many of us missing the point?

Maybe we are, but this guy most certainly isn’t as he spreads Christmas cheer in an uplifting video.

After a brief exchange with someone living on the street Nubaid Haroon realised how fortunate he was, and felt compelled to do something for those in need.

So with a bag full of presents and cards Nubaid took to the streets and began distributing them to homeless people, for whom his efforts could make a real difference.

Rambo Vlogs/YouTube

During the video Nubaid describes his aim as an attempt to spread love and equality, and he hopes others will follow in his footsteps.

Speaking to UNILAD he said:

I think ultimately I just want people to try and treat people the same. You can’t judge any book by its cover, the same way I said about Muslims in my last video, you can’t paint everyone with the same brush. Hopefully people see the message and act on it!

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That is what Christmas should really be about. Taking stock of how fortunate many of us are, and doing our bit to help those truly in need.

Hats off to you Nubaid, inspiring stuff.