Muslim Students Respond To Brutal Islamophobia With Poignant Video


In the aftermath of the Paris attacks on Friday, Muslim communities are once again experiencing heightened levels of xenophobia.

With abuse accumulating online, a group of French Muslim students from The Etudiants Musulmans de France – a group representing thousands of French citizens of Muslim faith – released a video to highlight the fact that the beliefs of the mass murderers behind the Paris attacks, are not those of true Muslims.


In the video the students pledge solidarity to France and everyone affected, calling the attackers ‘anti-Islamic cowards’ and hold up placards reading #NousSommmesUnis (We are and forever will be united).

A narrator says:

They think they are fighting Crusaders, and they invoke the Qur’an, and quote its verses. But shedding the blood of an innocent has no justification… not in Islam or anywhere. They wanted France to be weak, they made our French hearts strong.

However, the reality is that many people are blaming the wider Muslim community for the actions of a handful of extremists. In response to this the #NotAllMuslims is helping many across the world to unite in the face of the Islamophobia and anti-Muslim propaganda that has been refuelled.

It’s good to see that even in the midst of one of the most emotionally charged tragedies of recent times, people put time and effort into a positive message. Thanks guys.