‘My Wife The Cheating Wh*re’ Video Editing Tutorial Goes Viral


The internet is a wonderful place, full of answers to questions you don’t know if you can trust, and tutorials you forget five minutes after viewing them.

But so common are video tutorials nowadays that it must be difficult for their creators to justify their efforts for just a few hundred views.

Bill ‘the tutorial guy’ has got it worked out though. He sent his Adobe Premiere Pro Basic Tutorial viral after allegedly catching his wife in bed with another man…

Billy starts the video like it were any other tutorial, but when it comes time to import his video file, he drops a massive bombshell.

The file he opens is called ‘My Wife The Cheating Whore’, so you can probably guess something is up.


Billy, the consummate professional, continues barely batting an eyelid at the distressing scene that unfolded before him, and the tutorial runs smoothly.

Maybe a touch of emotion crept in when it came to add titles – Billy went with ‘My Wife: Why I Murdered Her’. Strong.

The edit finishes with Billy leaving in tears and the phrase ‘fuck another guy’ on loop.


The hilarious video has been viewed over 325,000 times since being uploaded last week.

Informative and entertaining – Billy has literally changed the tutorial game…