Myanmar Police Reportedly Told To Kill Family Members If They Are Against Army

by : Emily Brown on : 22 Mar 2021 18:57
Myanmar Police Reportedly Told To Kill Family Members If They Are Against ArmyPA Images

A group of Myanmar police officers who fled to India have spoken out about their resistance to the country’s military rulers and the orders allegedly given by the army. 

The military seized control of Myanmar on February 1, detaining elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi and members of her National League for Democracy (NLD) party and declaring a year-long state of emergency.


In the wake of the coup, many residents of Myanmar fled the country, with at least 34 police personnel and one firefighter finding shelter with Indian villagers in Mizoram, a state in India’s northeast that shares a border with Myanmar.

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One of the police officers, who came from the northwestern town of Tedim, told The Associated Press they were ordered by the police to ‘shoot people’ who defied the new leaders.

They continued, ‘Not just the people, we were told to shoot our own family if they are not on the side of the army.’


The officer stressed that they came to Mizoram because they ‘cannot hurt [their] people’, and raised a three-finger salute – a symbol of resistance to Myanmar’s military rulers – while discussing the events. The Associated Press has not been able to independently verify the claims regarding the military.

Police officers insisted they remain anonymous out of fear their speaking out would lead to retribution against their family members who remain in Myanmar.

One officer explained that the police force were under the command of Myanmar’s army and that they were forced to leave their family behind, saying, ‘We are all policemen working under the Myanmar government.’


Th officer continued:

We do not know what is happening to our family, but they will face a lot of problems from the army. We came to Mizoram for shelter, we will die if we go back there

We cannot reach our parents due to telecommunication problems, but what we heard is they are very scared to go out of their homes… I’m hoping that one day we will meet again.

India’s state and federal government officials have not provided an exact number of people who escaped to the country from Myanmar, though earlier this month Myanmar asked India to return the police officers who crossed the border.


Protesters who remain in Myanmar have been taking to the streets in the wake of the coup and standing up to the military, which claims the NLD party won because of fraudulent activity in the vote.

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