Mysterious Last Text Girl Sent To Friend Before Vanishing Revealed


Moments before missing woman Toni Anderson disappeared, she sent her friend a mysterious message.

Anderson was last heard from at 4.42am on Sunday morning, after she’d worked a late shift at a local bar where the student had a part-time job. Toni had set off from work at around 4am in her black Ford Focus and had hoped to stop off to fill up her petrol tank.

Her family are becoming increasingly concerned for Toni’s well-being and have pleaded with the public for any information regarding the 20-year-old’s whereabouts.

Boyfriend, Pete Sanchez is frantic with worry about Toni, saying:

Every time I leave the house, I hope the next face I see in public is going to be her.

It was just like any other night. I just thought she’d come home.

Kansas City Police have initiated a widespread search for Toni, using her last contact as a potential lead.


Toni sent a text message to friend Roxanne Townsend which read, ‘OMG just just (sic) pulled over again’.

Roxanne said:

It was exactly 4:42 when she texted me and said, ‘I just got pulled over again.’

She said ‘again’ because she gets pulled over all the time.

According to Fox4News, no one has seen Anderson since early Sunday morning near 9-Highway and 20th Avenue after a North Kansas officer let her go with a warning for an improper lane change.


Risen Savior Lutheran Church will host a candlelight prayer vigil for Toni Anderson and her family on Thursday 19 January to raise awareness for this missing person case.

If you see Toni Anderson, or her 2014 black Ford Focus, with Kansas license plates 989 GAX, please contact authorities immediately.