Mysterious Radio Signals Are Coming From Outer Space Say Scientists

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Scientists have confirmed that strange radio bursts they’ve been detecting for the last decade are definitely coming from space.

It was hypothesised that unexplained radio signals known as Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) were in fact interference coming from Earth but new research has confirmed they definitely come from space.

Where in space? Well we don’t really know, space is vast after all and these signals last for just a fraction of a second but they seem to be coming from a very long distance away, The Independent reports.


Some have hypothesised the signals may be from a distant alien culture attempting to contact us and the news that these signals definitely originate outside the Earth’s atmosphere is only going to add more fuel to their fire.

Scientists came to the conclusion after they used the Molonglo radio telescope in Australia to look at massive swathes of space where it detected three FRBs.

By re-engineering the telescope, and going through 1000 terabytes of data the Molonglo provides everyday, Manisha Caleb, a PhD candidate at Australian National University, Swinburne University of Technology confirmed the ‘messages’ were coming from outer space.

Research will now be done to try and explain where the messages are coming from. One of the three bursts detected has already been sourced to a specific galaxy but the others remain a mystery.

Bet you it’s not aliens…