Mysterious Ring-Shaped UFO Appears In Sky Above Yorkshire


A mysterious solid black ring which appeared in the sky has a lot of people miffed, but a former UFO investigator says he knows what it is.

A photo of the strange black ring in the sky was taken by Kimberley Robinson who was in the car near Birkenshaw on the M62, with her boyfriend Danny Cooper.

The circle resembles a giant smoke ring but West Yorkshire Fire Service say there had been no reports of fire at the time of the sighting on Sunday just after 1.30pm.


Nick Pope, who used to investigate UFOs and other mysteries for the Ministry of Defence, thinks he may have figured it out.

He said:

Despite exotic theories about UFOs, aliens, or portals to other dimensions, I believe there’s a decidedly down-to-earth explanation here.

A so-called smoke vortex can arise when you have a blast through a circular structure like a smokestack. So these weird effects can be caused by accident – or indeed by design.

On this latter point, they can be created as a sort of pyrotechnic effect, and it would be interesting to know if there were any outdoor festivals being held in the area concerned.

I realise that by debunking this I’ll probably be accused of working for the Illuminati or something, but I genuinely think we can close the case file on this one


Speaking about it, Kimberley said the circle was the ‘weirdest thing’ she had ever seen. Adding: “It looked a bit smokey but the shape was a solid ring.”

And weather experts have been left completely baffled as well, a Met Office spokesman said: 

We have had a look at it and cannot think of anything metrological that would have caused such a phenomenon.

It looks reasonably clear, with fair-weather cloud that looks like it has bubbled up. There is a little bit of rising air in the atmosphere.

It does not appear to be anything at ground level that is causing the smoke to rise.

It looks as if it’s a small feature rather than something several miles across.