Mysterious Tiny Human Skeletons With Wings Found In Basement Of London House


An artist in London has made a fascinating but bizarre claim that the skeletal bodies of over 5,000 fairies, werewolves, and aliens were found in the basement of a very old house.

The disturbing collection features images of numerous mythical creatures whose flesh has long since rotted away, nailed to old boards, or posed in eerie positions, reports the Mirror.

The skeletons are claimed to be the lifework of Crypto-naturalist, Fringe Zoologist and Xeno -Archeologist Thomas Merrylin.

Writing on his blog, Alex CF, the guy who runs the Thomas Merrylin Museum, claims that the images are part of Merrylin’s ‘unique collection of specimens’ which ‘challenge our understanding of biology, chemistry and the very laws of physics’.

Posted by The Merrylin Cryptid Collection on Saturday, 3 March 2012

He goes onto explain how the apparent mythical creatures were found, writing:

A huge number of wooden crates found sealed in the basement of a London townhouse that was due for demolition. Seemingly untouched since the 1940′s, the crates contained over 5,000 specimens of flora and fauna, collected, dissected, and preserved by many forgotten scientists, professors and explorers of obscure cultures and species.

But perhaps even more interesting is the weird and peculiar life of Thomas Merrylin himself (although, to be frank, we’re not too sure if it’s all that true!):

Born in 1782 to a rich aristocratic family, Merrylin travelled across the world [with his father], seeking out illusive artefacts and hidden species which resided in forgotten continents or darkened places, away from prying human eyes.

A bizarre quality of Merrylin was his apparent permanent youthfulness. Even in his 80′s, he still resembled a 40 year old, albeit of odd complexion, and his few bizarre forays into the eyes of the media only furthered his infamy. He was accused of practicing dark arts to prolong his life.

Yet, eminent scholars secretly allied themselves with him, encouraging him to share his collection with the world. In 1899, he took a small portion of his specimens on tour across America. Conservative attitudes of the time condemned these creatures, calling them blasphemous.

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Following his American tour, Merrylin expanded his collection by travelling to the four corners of the Earth to explore and learn about their sciences, before finally finishing the collection which Alex claims, ‘possess the possibilities of the multiverse, of time travel, of quantum mechanics –  before the terms existed.’

The collection was put into Merrylin’s basement and remained there until the 1960’s when builders accidentally stumbled across it and subsequently found Merrylin who was ‘apparently’ pictured in the local newspaper despite being over 160-years-old.

Merrrylin then mysteriously vanished…

Posted by The Merrylin Cryptid Collection on Saturday, 3 March 2012

Alex finishes the post writing:

It was this, and the apparent immortality of Merrylin that drove me to become rather fanatical about understanding the life of this man, and his world changing collection. What had allowed him to live so long? Where had these specimens originated from, considering there are no other examples of these species to be found on the Earth? It is this that I find so thrilling and yet so terrifying.

As a writer with a large interest in the unknown, this story utterly fascinates me. However, even for the biggest believer, it’s not hard to think a lot of the story is fictitious.

I doubt the majority of this actually happened, but still – it makes for quite the read.

If you too are fascinated by this mystery then head over to the Merrylin Museum website here.