Mystery Deepens As 13th Severed Human Foot Washes Up On Beach


Something sinister is happening on a Canadian beach where the 13th severed human foot has washed up over the last 10 years.

The last foot was discovered just this week on Vancouver Island and has left authorities baffled as to where these limbs are coming from.

Mike Johns was the unlucky man who found the grisly limb tangled in seaweed, while out walking his six-year-old Rottweiler, Taz.

Mike Johns

He told CTV News:

By the looks of it, the foot was totally intact. The ankle bone still worked and the bones were attached at the base of the knee.

After making the horrifying discovery Mike called the police who have since taken the leg in an attempt to identify it.

Police are searching their databases to see if they can match the leg with any missing person cases and have said that foul play is not suspected at this point.


Not that it’s stopped speculation from running wild, as to where the feet are coming from, with some guessing that they’re the remains of those who died in natural disasters or plane or boat accidents.

Others have made the more sensational claim that the feet might be the work of a serial killer or organised crime.

Over the years the authorities have managed to identify eight of the twelve feet all of which were clad in running shoes.


According to Andy Watson from the Coroners Service of British Columbia there’s no suggestion of foul play because there’s no sign of trauma.

Instead, it’s most likely that the feet belonged to people who died in accidents or committed suicide with their limbs detaching from the body as they decompose.

As for why these feet keep washing up on beaches? Well, the answers most likely got something to do with them all wearing running shoes.


Running shoes tend to be made of light, hard wearing materials which help to protect the foot from decomposition and allow the feet to float on the surface before they wash up on beaches.

Watson, however, admits that he doesn’t really know why this keeps happening.

He said:

I don’t really have a succinct reason as to why [they keep appearing]. You know, you look at the sheer nature of the geography and how big the coastline is.

In the past pranksters have hidden fake human remains on beaches to stoke rumours of a serial killer.