Nail Salon Workers Butcher Deer Meat In Front Of Customers

by : Emily Brown on : 25 Nov 2019 14:38
Salon workers butcher deer in middle of salonSalon workers butcher deer in middle of salonMorgan Taylor/Facebook

A customer at a nail salon got a shock when she went for a manicure and saw workers butchering deer meat in the middle of the floor. 


Morgan Taylor was in High Point, North Carolina, last week when she spotted the baffling scene, which was clearly extremely out of place in the beauty salon.

The confused customer took to Facebook to share a picture of an employee leaning over the dead, stripped deer, placed in the centre of what appeared to be the salon’s waiting area.


Alongside the photo, Taylor wrote:


Hunting for a new nail salon in High Point, North Carolina? Talk about multitaskers… manicures, pedicures, and amateur deer butchers. Oh deer!

Staff at the salon had laid out a blue tarpaulin before spreading the meat out on the floor and getting to work without wearing gloves.

Taylor, who had gone to the salon to get a manicure for her sister’s upcoming wedding, was naturally shocked by the sight.

Speaking to WXII-TV, as per the New York Post, the customer recalled:

I was sitting there getting my nails done, and looked over and they were pulling out deer meat from a cooler.

I get scared that I’m going to see trash on the ground or weird smells, but not to see a dead deer.


Strangely, Taylor seemed to be the only one really taken aback by the makeshift butcher shop that had appeared before her eyes. Perhaps revealing dead animal carcasses is a regular occurrence for the employees because, according to Taylor, others in the salon, including customers, seemed unfazed by the sight.


She continued:

All the workers there were really nice to me and they did a good job, but I don’t think they thought that anyone would care.

And they didn’t think it was wrong to cut it in front of clients in the nail salon, which is surprising.

Salon workers butcher deer in middle of salonSalon workers butcher deer in middle of salonMorgan Taylor/Facebook

Still, Taylor didn’t want to let the strange situation slide so she reported it to the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Arts, who are investigating whether the nail salon violated any codes.

Though Taylor seemed alone in her shock at the time, she’s received a lot of support on Facebook as confused commenters have described the scene as ‘nasty’ and ‘gross’.

A woman inside the salon told WXII-TV the workers had no comment on the matter.

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