Naked Woman Squares Up To Police During Black Lives Matter Protest

by : Cameron Frew on : 20 Jul 2020 12:33
Naked Woman Squares Up To Police During Black Lives Matter ProtestNaked Woman Squares Up To Police During Black Lives Matter ProtestOregonLive/@DonovanFarley/Twitter

A woman dubbed the ‘Naked Athena’ squared off against Portland police during a Black Lives Matter protest. 

Tensions between law enforcement and protesters have been escalating over the past week, with nightly protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death seeing activists face off against federal officers deployed by US President Donald Trump.


As troops pushed people towards an intersection, a naked woman appeared in front of the crowds, wearing only a hat and face mask. She walked out, faced the armed police and stood her ground – incredibly, ‘she won’.

Footage of the amazing moment was captured by The Oregonian/OregonLive photographer Dave Killen and tweeted by freelance journalist Donovan Farley. Throughout the course of Saturday night, July 18, he’d been filming and photographing the scary state of the city, with police and federal agents ‘pointing guns at every car and person in the area. Random car drives by? 10 long guns aimed at them.’

‘And then? Naked Athena appeared and the little boys didn’t know what to do,’ he wrote on Twitter. In subsequent images, the same woman – who hasn’t been identified – can be seen doing ballet poses in front of the armed line, eventually sitting down with open arms. Farley added: ‘PUSSY POWER.’


Dave Killen said, ‘everyone seemed surprised and kind of astounded’. When police fired pepper at her feet, another protester ran out in front of her with a homemade shield, but she moved out of his way.

The photographer added: ‘She definitely did not seem to invite him to do that… she was incredibly vulnerable. It would have been incredibly painful to be shot with any of those munitions with no clothes on.’


The whole time, she apparently never spoke. Then, around 10 minutes after the woman arrived, the officers at the intersection left the scene. ‘I… cannot believe what I just saw,’ Farley wrote.

The presence of federal troops has been described as ‘purely political theatre’ at the hands of Trump by Oregon officials.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler told CNN yesterday that it’s ‘actually leading to more violence and more vandalism… they’re not wanted here. We haven’t asked them here. In fact, we want them to leave’.

Portland Black Lives Matter ProtestsPortland Black Lives Matter ProtestsPA Images

Ellen Rosenblum, the attorney general for Oregon, has filed a lawsuit against the federal government, calling for a restraining order to prevent agents making any more arrests in the city following their ‘abusive tactics’.

Amid a constant stream of footage showing heinous uses of excessive force, Trump applauded the agents’ efforts last week, saying they’ve been doing a ‘great job’.

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