Nancy Pelosi Breaks Down Recalling How Staff Hid From Capitol Rioters

by : Daniel Richardson on : 11 Jan 2021 11:13
Nancy Pelosi Breaks Down Recalling How Staff Hid From Capitol RiotersCBS

The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has spoken to 60 Minutes about the events of last week and how they unfolded. 

Last week, Trump supporters stormed the Capitol and terrorised Congress in a bid to halt the transition of the presidency. The incident led to five deaths, as well as widespread horror from the world.


For many, the incident showed the democracy that the US boasts to be fragile. The Speaker of the House has now told CBS’s 60 Minutes about the events that transpired, and how she felt during the attack.

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Pelosi explained how the Capitol Police alerted her to the imminent danger posed by the Trump supporters:

When the protesters were making the assault on the Capitol, before they even got to these doors, the Capitol Police pulled me from the podium, And I was concerned because I said: ‘No, I want to be here.’

And they said: ‘Well, no, you have to leave.’


She also showed where staff hid for two and a half hours in the dark, Pelosi noted: 

The staff went under the table, barricaded the door, turned out the lights, and were silent in the dark. Under the table for two and a half hours.

While the staff of at the Capitol were concerned for their safety, rioters called for the Speaker and destroyed her office.


Pelosi discussed the terror that the protestors managed to instil through damaging her office and calling for her:

They were vocally saying, ‘Where’s the speaker? We know she has staff. They’re here someplace. We’re going to find them’

You see what they did to the mirror there? The glass was all over the place.

They took a computer and all that stuff.

And then the desk that they actually were at was right there that they defamed in that way, feet on the desk and all that.

In the wake of the riot, there have been arrests. One of those to have been arrested is the man who wrote a letter to Pelosi while occupying her office with his feet on her desk. Richard Barnett, 60, who is a self-described white nationalist has been charged with unlawful entry and his photograph has been widely shared on social media as people condemn his actions.


The Speaker of the House summarised the feeling towards the event:

I think there was, universally accepted, that what happened…Was a terrible, terrible violation of what – of the Capitol, of the first branch of government, the legislative branch, by the president of the United States.

Going forward, there have been calls for the impeachment of Trump, and the president has also been removed from almost all social media channels. Many will hope that, on the back of such action, the country can once again return to its democratic sensibilities.

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