NASA Astronaut’s Leaked Emails Reveal ‘Pope Knows Aliens Exist’

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According to a former NASA astronaut, not only does the Pope know for sure that aliens exist, we are on the brink of a ‘space war’.

An email from ex-astronaut – and sixth man to walk on the moon – Edgar Mitchell to politician John Podesta has been revealed by WikiLeaks, reports The Sun.

In it, Mitchell claims the Vatican is aware of extraterrestrial life that would like to share ‘zero point energy’ – a technology that would allow us to ‘extract’ free energy from empty space – with Earth.

aliens1aliens1Edgar Mitchell/Getty

Apparently the aliens would like to help us humans to lead better lives but are wary of our violent tendencies – which, you know, fair play.

In the email Mitchell also said a space war is imminent:

Because the war in the Space race is heating up, I felt you should be aware of several factors as you and I schedule our Skype talk.

podestapodestaJohn Podesta/Wikipedia

In other emails, Podesta and Terri Mansfield – the director of peace force for extraterrestrial intelligence – talk about a meeting to ‘catch up on knowledge the Vatican has about extraterrestrial intelligence.

So, you know, at least they’re taking this seriously…



Mitchell is also reported to have claimed alien life is ‘the highest form of intelligence that works directly with God’. We’ll leave that there.

And Podesta has called for the release of information relating to Area 51 and also claims he persuaded Hillary Clinton to disclose secret papers about UFOs.

What is with 2016?

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  1. The Sun

    'THEY COME IN PEACE' Former NASA astronaut ‘claims the Pope knows aliens exist and want to help humans but a space war is imminent’