NASA Hacker ‘Found Evidence America Has Space Warships’

Richard Hall/YouTube

A British man who successfully accessed NASA and military files from the comfort of his own bedroom has spoken out about what he found.

Gary McKinnon says that based on what he read, he believes the US Navy could be harbouring a fleet of warships in space.

McKinnon got into NASA’s systems and then used a program called Landsearch to systematically work through their files.

He says in the video:

I used a program called Landsearch, which could search all the files and folders.

But I scanned and looked for documents, I found an Excel spreadsheet which said, ‘Non-terrestrial officers’.

It had ranks and names. It had tabs for ‘material transfer’ between ships.

I took that to be, they must have ships based in space – the names started with U.S.S.”

So he can’t remember the names of any of the ships, and when searching them in NASA’s own system there was no trace.

The skeptic in me wants to call bullshit, but the fan of a good conspiracy theory wonders why the US tried to extradite him for ten years?