Here’s How Real-Life ‘JEDI’ Will Help Reveal ‘Secrets Of The Universe’


Scientists are hoping that a real life JEDI will help them reveal some of the greatest mysteries about planet Jupiter and the universe. 

Unfortunately this JEDI isn’t a cloak wearing, lightsabre wielding warrior monk, instead it’s a high-tech probe called the ‘Jupiter Energetic Particle Detector’ (JEDI).

Yeah the acronym doesn’t quite work, but NASA ‘liked it’ apparently.

The probe will be attached to NASA’s Juno spacecraft which is being launched into orbit around Jupiter at the start of next week, The Mirror reports.

It’s hoped the information gathered will provide scientists with a 360-degree view of the space around Jupiter’s moon Juno.

JEDI was built to provide valuable info on particles which surround Jupiter and create huge auras around the planet’s polar regions.

jedi probeYouTube

The man leading the JEDI investigation team, Barry Mauk from Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, hoped it will allow us to better understand the universe.

He said:

Jupiter is the link between the nearby space environments we study at planets like Earth, and distant astrophysical systems where magnetic fields hold sway.

Juno is not only going to help us better understand Jupiter, it’s going to help us better understand the universe around us and our place in it.

The acronym may not work but at least both the fictional Jedi and JEDI are trying to reveal some greater truths in the universe.