NASA May Have Discovered A New Planet Earth

by : Tom Percival on : 06 May 2016 11:20

Later this month NASA are calling a press conference where they may potentially announce the discovery of a new Earth.


Back in 2009 the American space agency launched the ‘Kepler Space Telescope’ which was designed to find planets similar to Earth, which could potentiality support life.


The Kepler program’s so far discovered around 1,000 so-called exoplanets outside of our solar system, of which a few could potentially be Earthlike, The Mirror reports.

Now NASA has announced it’s holding a press conference at 6pm on Tuesday, May 10 to discuss the missions most recent findings.

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Last summer NASA revealed that the Kepler telescope had found an exoplanet capable of supporting life .

The planet, which was given the catchy name ‘Kepler 452b’ , sits around the same distance from its star as the Earth does from The Sun, meaning it could be habitable.


NASA’s Jon Jenkins said: 

Kepler 452b has spent six billion years in the habitable zone of its star. That’s longer than the Earth has been around.

Despite this massive discovery it’s not always been plain sailing for Kepler. The satellite went into Emergency Mode and NASA’s engineers lost touch with it last month.


Thankfully they managed to re-establish contact be so the craft could continue planet hunting.

Whatever the news were sure astronomers the world over will be excited at the prospect of learning more about the galaxy.

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