NASA’s Entire Photo Archive Is Now Available Online And It’s Incredible


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have released a searchable database of their spectacular collection of photos.

The collection of stunning images, capturing the greatest wonders of the galaxy, are available for free here.

Some of the photos are so incredible, it’s hard to believe they are real, and you can download the huge files for your own use.


The photos include epic shots of the Milky Way, Saturn’s largest moon ‘Titan’, the Moon landing and imagery of the Sun.

Some of the most popular are of the astronauts, particularly of Edward H White II taking a 21 minute space walk (the first man ever to do so).


Bringing all the incredible photos into one huge, searchable database is a big step for NASA. Previously they were spread over 10 different centres and were difficult to sort through.

The database includes 140,000 of the most breath-taking photographs from more than 100 collections.

It’s hard to come back down to Earth once you’ve looked through these!