Native American Student Exposes ‘Ignorant’ Teacher Committing ‘Violence’ In Viral Video

by : Julia Banim on : 21 Oct 2021 18:58
Native American Student Exposes 'Ignorant' Teacher Committing 'Violence' In Viral Video@shaunking/Instagram

Footage has gone viral that appears to show a maths teacher attempting a ‘tomahawk chop’ while wearing a Native American headdress.

The footage has been shared by Instagram user Shadae Johnson, and is understood to have originally been taken by a Native American pupil at John W. North High School in Riverside, California.


According to Johnson, when the student first noticed teacher Candace Reed taking out ‘a fake feather headdress’ and putting it on, he initially thought, ‘what is she going to do?’

Reed’s intentions soon became all too apparent, and she proceeded to spend ‘several minutes’ wearing the headdress in front of the class, all while ‘war hooping & tomahawk chopping’.

Johnson explained the pupil felt compelled to take the video as he had ‘felt that violence was being committed against him’.


She went on to assert that she chose to share the clip ‘because these behaviours can no longer be swept under the rug’, adding, ‘as adults, we must stand up for our youth’.

She explained:

This student has a Native first name and outwardly identifies as Native American. We need to end abuse and discrimination against indigenous youth in schools! There is no excuse for this type of behaviour. We’re not in the 1960s anymore, she should know better.


The teacher in the video has been named by various outlets, including The Independent, as maths teacher Candace Reed.

It’s said Reed was giving her interpretation of a ‘tomahawk chop’ in an attempt to teach her students a mnemonic device to help remember the mathematical concepts of sine, cosine, and tangent, chanting, ‘SohCahToa’.

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this article and wish to speak to someone in confidence, contact Stop Hate UK by visiting their website www.stophateuk.org/talk

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