Navy Seals Have Incredible ’40 Per Cent Rule’ To Overcome Mental Barriers

Big Think/YouTube

Hitting a wall when you have a goal is really frustrating, and sometimes confusing. Is it your body that has given up or your mind?

According to Jesse Itzler, the entrepreneur, philanthropist, and endurance athlete, it is definitely inside your head.

He made the revelation in a video where he chats about inviting a Navy Seal to live in his home for a month after meeting during a 100 mile run. Itzler was part of a relay team, and the Seal was doing the lot on his own.

The Navy man completed the race despite broken bones and kidney damage, proving to Itzler that he may have the answers about pushing way beyond your comfort zone.

The story is awesome.

We all have that will. It’s just a matter of how do we apply it to not just with the once a year marathon, but to our daily lives to make it apply to a variety of things.”

What a guy, I’ll be pissed if that anecdote isn’t real.