Nazi Holiday Homes Are Being Turned Into Luxury Apartments



These Nazi holiday homes were built by Hitler for his Aryan workers, and now they’re being turned into luxury apartments.

The Prora Colossus mega-complex is on the Baltic Sea island of Rügen, and was built by Hitler for the Nazis, so they could have some downtime from all of their… activities, and relax on the beach.

The buildings don’t really look much like holiday homes these days, but their potential has been spotted, and they are being turned into high-end apartments.


The buildings have been left in ruin, after not even being fully finished and utilised in it’s planned method due to the outbreak of World War 2, and they ended up housing refugees and Red Army soldiers.

The former fascist compound is being redesigned as a 4-star complex, complete with underfloor heating, parquet floors and flat screen TVs, and it you’re lucky, incredible beach views. However, all of the beach-view apartments have already been reserved, despite not even being finished.


The 1930’s buildings have been rebranded as ‘Prora Solitaire’, due to open in October, with 130 of the 150 places already sold. They all have access to a spa, fitness studios and hot baths.