Nearly 30 Musicians Team Up For Awesome Final Fantasy VIII Cover


Videogame soundtracks are magical things. Whether it’s the incessantly catchy and wonderfully simple songs from the likes of Super Mario Bros and Sonic the Hedgehog, or something a little grander. 

Today’s video definitely falls into the “grander” category. A bunch of incredibly talented people decided to get together and perform their own arrangement of the amazing intro theme from Final Fantasy VIII.


Seriously, they’ve really gone all out. We’ve got guitarists, bassists, singers,  trombone players, and dancers. All except that last one because I made it up, have worked in perfect unison to put together something really special.

When you consider none of them were even in the same room and all the parts were recorded separately, it’s even more impressive.

Take a look (and have a listen) just below.

Now guys, go do The Legend of Zelda’s main theme next. I know it’s been done to death, but it’s always awesome to hear.