Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer Banned From 26 European Countries

Sarah Burris/YouTube

Richard Spencer has been reportedly banned from 26 European countries for half a decade and it’s really, really funny.

The far-right dolt, who is said to have invented the term ‘alt-right’ has been stripped of his right to enter 26 nations in Europe’s visa-free Schengen area according to a source with Poland’s foreign ministry.

PAP, the country’s state-run news agency, said Polish authorities barred Spencer from travelling to over two dozen countries.

If you haven’t heard of the guy, check this video out:

Also check this one out while we’ve got you:

Spencer himself, a natural snowflake and beta male, is not happy about this.

The Independent report he told AP:

I’m being treated like a criminal by the Polish government. It’s just insane. I haven’t done anything. What are they accusing me of?

Mad. It’s almost as if believing in white supremacy is a detestable, backwards belief system that should be shut down in every possible way.

The 39-year-old recently, hysterically, had his blue verification tick taken away by Twitter.

He wrote at the time:

I’m seriously considering stop tweeting. Yes, I know some might say ‘Don’t let the SJWs win!’ But the fact is, I have no confidence in the platform. De-verifying seems like a first step towards banning.

Twitter had the chance to become a true global public square, the preeminent free-speech platform of the digital age.

Instead, its leadership seems to want just another safe and boring place, for safe and boring opinions.

Haha, diddums. What a melt!

British journalist Gary Younge recently met with Spencer to talk about race in America and the results were as you’d expect.

Spencer said stupid things, Younge called out the stupid things, and then the two went separate ways.

In a follow-up article for the article, Younge recalled his decision to interview the div.

He wrote in the Guardian:

In July this year, I interviewed the American white supremacist Richard Spencer, for a documentary on the roots of white anxiety in America. In the course of our exchange he claims that Africans contributed nothing to civilisation (they started it), that Africans benefited from white supremacy (they didn’t) and that, since I’m black I cannot be British (I am). A clip of that interview that has now gone viral.

What we did not expect was that he would be ignorant, historically illiterate, incoherent and personally insulting. The reason I called time on the interview was because Spencer was spent – beyond baiting me, he had nothing to offer, and frankly, I had no desire to hang around a white supremacist conference a second longer than I had to.

I’ve become accustomed to 21st-century racism being far more sophisticated, and we were concerned about giving him a platform. We didn’t anticipate that he’d bring the gallows and the rope and finish the job himself in such ostentatious fashion.

At least Younge, and anyone who, y’know, isn’t an alt-right geek, can celebrate the fact Spencer will not be able to touch the ground of 26 European countries.