Neo-Nazis Tried To Hold A Rally In London But Hardly Anyone Showed Up


A group of Neo-Nazis attempted to hold a rally in London yesterday but only a handful of people showed up, and they ended up being completely outnumbered by anti-racism protesters.

That’s right, the counter-demonstration drew a bigger crowd than the actual demonstration.

The small group of Neo-Nazis were protesting against what they called the “Jewification of London” in the UK capital, while waving the Confederate flag.

The right-wing extremists were forced to hold their rally at Richmond Terrace in Westminster after being denied access to Golders Green in north London, because of the large Jewish community living there.

Speaking to the Jewish Chronicle, left-wing Jewish group Jewdas said:

These people don’t just have crazy ideas, they have racist ideas. They hurt people, they beat up people. We stand against them.

And, as if the decline of fascism in London wasn’t great enough news, look who else showed up!