Nerf Announce New Blaster That Will Shoot Balls Up To 70 Miles Per Hour


Foam-warfare advocates Nerf have revealed their Rival line – two new blasters that will be able to strike your friends at the same speed you can legally travel on a motorway. What a time to be alive.

The new blasters – ominously codenamed the Apollo XV-700 and Zeus MXV-1200 – will fire specially designed golf ball-like spheres instead of the tried and tested foam darts. Apparently, the dimpled balls travel faster and more accurately than their counterparts so you can nail little Jimmy with a sweet headshot from across the room.


According the the video below, designing plastic guns to shoot foam bullets is hard work, as the Rival line took four-and-a-half years to develop.

If you’ve been searching for a present for the special man-child in your life, this might well be it.