Netflix Becomes Dearer In Chicago After Streaming Tax Is Added

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Netflix users in Chicago have the right to be a little bit p*ssed off after the news that they now have to pay more than other people living in the USA to watch Netflix broke.

The city have expanded their amusement tax to now include streaming subscribers, which basically translates to those people who use Netflix and the internet to watch things, meaning they will have to pay more money for the service than other people in the USA who live in cities where the tax has not been expanded yet.


Spotify users will also be hit by the increase, as will anyone who watches TV online, downloads a film or music, and the extra money they will have to pay will apparently bring the city an extra $12 million a year, and is part of the effort by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to boost the budget of the city by adding to existing taxation.

The tax had only previously been applied to purchasing tickets for sporting or musical events, but will be implemented by Netflix come September 1st.