Netflix Claims Breaking Bad Is Prequel To Walking Dead


The similarities between Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead would seemingly begin and end with both series airing on AMC – but Netflix states it’s not that simple.

What does a show about a high school teacher who becomes a meth kingpin after being diagnosed with cancer and a show about zombies eating people and destroying the world have in common? Drugs, apparently.

“What if Breaking Bad was about more than Walter White starting as a bumbling chemistry teacher and turning himself into a full-fledged monster?” a Netflix video theorising on the connection asks. “What if he turned everyone into full-fledged monsters?”


While acknowledging that the claim was quite ambitious, the theory did find several connections between the AMC dramas.

Here are the apparent links.

Blue Sky meth


In a season two episode of The Walking Dead, we see that Merle’s drug stash includes Blue Sky, the street name for Heisenberg’s 99.1% pure product.

The Dodge


In season four episode two, Walter buys Walter Jr. a red dodge with black racing stripes specifically because it’s distinct. But in the second episode of The Walking Dead, Glenn steals the same car.

Seem like a loose connection? Breaking Bad has the answer. When Walt returns the dodge after getting in an argument with Skylar, an employee named Glenn tells him there will be a restocking fee, so instead, he blows up the car.

The video theorises that car lot Glenn survived the potential post-Breaking Bad zombie outbreak and took a similar dodge with him.

The Bitch connection


Now that we have a (very loose) character crossover from The Walking Dead to Breaking Bad, we need one from Breaking Bad over in The Walking Dead. And apparently Darryl gives us just that.

When talking about Merle’s old drug dealer, a ‘janky little white guy’, who Darryl quotes as saying: “I’m gonna kill you, bitch.” Jesse Pinkman? This could also explain how Merle got his hands on that Blue Sky.

Gus Fring


The theory goes that as Walter argued with Gus, his blue meth could be getting more risky and less controlled. The video states that Gus could have taken this new ‘dangerous’ meth before confronting enemy Tio Salamanca, and after getting blown up, became the first actual zombie.

But there’s one major flaw with Netflix’s hypothesis: Skinny Pete and Badger explicitly say ‘zombie’ in a season four episode of Breaking Bad, Uproxx reports.

‘Zombie’ is never used on The Walking Dead because, according to creator Robert Kirkman, ‘they’re not familiar with zombies… They’ve never seen this in pop culture, this is a completely new thing for them.’

My bet is on that maybe the first season of Walking Dead was a little low on budget for props and needed to borrow some from Breaking Bad.