Netflix New Cannibal Horror Film Starring Jason Momoa Looks Gruesome


Into horror films? Into Netflix? Not into either but enjoy the work of Jason Momoa? Then boy are you in for a treat.

Feast your eyes on new cannibal movie The Bad Batch, a film steadily gaining a cult following due to its violence and depravity.

Described as ‘bloody and visceral as an R rating will allow’, the Netflix original also stars model-cum-actress Suki Waterhouse, Keanu Reeves and Jim Carrey (?).

The Bad Batch tells the story of a post-apocalyptic American in which anyone seen as unfit for mainstream society is exiled to the desert.

And, wouldn’t you know, the desert isn’t governed by any laws. What could possibly go wrong!

Watch the trailer here:

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The director, Ana Lily Amirour, isn’t dabbling in her first rodeo here. In 2014, she made the horror A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night about a vampire who stalks the inhabitants of a desolate Iranian town.

This looks sick, to be fair.