Netflix Officially Confirms ‘Bright’ Sequel


Netflix have confirmed that Will Smith’s Bright has been greenlit for a sequel.

Bad reviews be damned as it has been reported the hybrid buddy cop drama/fantasy flick will be getting a new film due to its popularity with fans.

Despite an army of high brow critics giving the Netflix original some less than flattering scores it actually comes as no surprise that a sequel is already in the pipeline.

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It may have something to do with the 11 million viewers which it pulled after its first three days on Netflix. Critics took issue with its lazy handling of real-life issues within the police force and an underwhelming attempt at social commentary.

Despite underwhelming scores on Rotten Tomatoes – averaging up to 28 per cent – it still managed to win 88 per cent positive reviews from the audience.

The film, by End Of Watch and Suicide Squad director, and starring Smith and Joel Edgerton focuses on two mismatched LAPD cops covering the mean streets of LA while trying to keep each other alive.

Bright is Netflix’s attempt to take on Hollywood with a big budget original.


According to Tech Crunch, an estimated $90 million dollars went into the production.

Despite the public popularity it’s fair to say a lot is riding on Bright to do well critically as well as commercially.