Netflix Will Produce Original Episodes Of Charlie Brooker’s ‘Black Mirror’

Getty/Channel 4

Charlie Brooker’s dystopian series Black Mirror has proven such a hit on Netflix that the U.S. streaming giant has reportedly signed a deal to produce original episodes of the show.

According to a report in the Radio Times, sources involved in the negotiations have confirmed that Netflix have agreed terms with Brooker and his independent production company House of Tomorrow to make “multiple episodes” of the satirical science fiction show.

Black Mirror has found a new audience since December after episodes, originally aired on Channel 4, were made available on Netflix. As a result, the on-demand company has been in talks with show creator Brooker and his production company for several months.

Brooker is said to be writing scripts for a new run of the TV drama which satirically explores aspects of modern society and the potentially dark and unanticipated consequences of technology.

Channel 4 has aired two series of the show, plus a Christmas special last December which featured Mad Men star Jon Hamm and Rafe Spall in a future where people were able to “block” people in real-life, as you can on Twitter.

How the Netflix deal would affect Channel 4’s rights to airing the show remains to be seen, although a Channel 4 source claims the broadcaster will have a first look deal on the new episodes and will likely continue to be the first UK broadcaster to air them.

Either way, we just can’t wait for new episodes of the show and to see what Brooker’s twisted mind can come up with next!