Never Forget When Prince Kicked Kim Kardashian Off Stage


Today marks the first anniversary of the death of one of the great entertainers of our collective lifetime.

A year on from the tragic passing of Prince fans have taken to the internet today to post their memories of the pop star, reports Uproxx.

Of course the vast majority of the memorials focus on the man’s great accomplishments and achievements – from Purple Rain to his vast ability to inspire other artists.

But in today’s world of have-a-go, flash-in-the-pan stardom perhaps none of Prince’s contributions are quite as beautiful as that time he kicked Kim Kardashian off stage at concert.

Picture the scene, it’s 2011 – Donald Trump is some weird reality TV star and the public aren’t aware that David Cameron put his penis in a pig.

During a concert at Madison Square Garden, and as Kim watched from the front of the audience, for whatever reason, someone thought it was a good idea to escort her onstage while Prince performed.

They were wrong. Pretty fucking wrong.


Prince tolerated Kardashian’s embarrassing invasion for about fifteen seconds before humiliating her, saying: “Get off the stage!”

Obviously she had very little choice but to do as she was being told and – as you can imagine – the crowd went wild.

There will never be another like him. RIP.