New 90s Style Sonic Mania Trailer Is Absolutely Mental And Awesome



It’s no secret. Sonic has kinda sucked the last few years. Turns out Sega know this, and decided to throw caution to the wins in the new trailer for Sonic Mania.

Sonic Mania was recently announced alongside a pretty cool collector’s edition, and it’s this that gets the batshit insane trailer treatment. Check it out below.

We now know a whole bunch more about the Sonic Mania collector’s Edition. Will it hold any tacklebox? Yes it will. Does it come with a gold ring for that special someone? Naturally! Does it clean up stubborn stains? You bet your tails it does.


The collector’s edition comes with a digital copy of the game, ad fake game cartridge to make you feel like you’ve got a real game, a 12-inch Sonic statue with a fake Genesis base and a (not real) gold ring.

Sonic Mania will mash up all the best bits from older 2D games while also adding in new content. It’s available to pre-order now for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and will hit stores properly next spring.