New Apple Leak Confirms Massive News About iPhone 7


Just when you thought we knew everything about the upcoming iPhone 7, Apple’s security dam seems to have sprung another colossal leak.

One of YouTube’s most popular tech vloggers, Unbox Therapy, managed to get his paws on the final chassis of an upcoming iPhone 7 plus, which will basically be a mid-point between an iPad and iPhone.

iphone 7 1YouTube

From the video, it seems the iPhone 7 plus – rumoured to be called the iPhone 7 Pro – will have some major hardware changes and will essentially be a jacked up version of the base iPhone 7, Forbes reports.

The headphone jack’s gone (presumably to be replaced with lightning jack headphones), there’s a radical dual lens camera, twin external speakers, and a snazzy new blue colour option.

iphone 7 2YouTube

The vlog’s host, Lewis Hilsenteger, claims that the chassis comes from Besound, a wireless head phone developer.

Forbes also report that both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are now being mass produced in the run up to their unveiling and release on September 9.