New Attack On Titan Trailer Showcases A Ton Of Awesome Gameplay


Attack On Titan, the game based on the anime, based on the manga, based on the idea from inside Hajime Isayama’s brain has a new trailer showing an almost ungodly amount aerial giant slicing goodness.  It’s glorious. 

For the unaware, Attack on Titan follows a crew of soldiers that fly around on special devices like so many Spider-Men, zipping hither and thither in their bid to take down the Titans – giant naked monsters that basically enjoy stomping about, eating humans and fucking shit up. Watch the anime, because it’s on Netflix and it’s awesome.

This new videogame adaptation is being brought to us by Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force, who are obviously no strangers to jam packed, sword based carnage.

The gorgeous new trailer gives us plenty to feast our peepers on, with an emphasis on Titan slaying action. One particularly arresting moment shows the player systematically dismembering a giant beasty, finishing with his legs so that he crashes to the ground in spectacular fashion. We can’t imagine being able to do that is gonna get old anytime soon.

We’re also briefly teased with the prospect of being able to play as a Titan, but it’s not clear if that’s a power-up to be used in the main game, or a separate mode entirely.

At any rate, Attack on Titan will be landing on PS4, PS3, and Vita in Japan on 18th February, with a Western release promised sometime later in the year.