New Battlefield 1 Teaser Shows Off Melee Combat



EA are getting the hype train up to full speed, releasing a brief teaser for Battlefield 1 ahead of a full-fat E3 demonstration. 

The 15 second teaser shows off in-game footage of the WWI shooter running on Xbox One, and kindly offers us a glimpse of how we can twat our enemies over the head with blunt, heavy objects.


Once again, Battlefield 1 gives us an insight into its entirely unique WWI setting. The idea of gritty, hands-on trench warfare is something we’ve never seen before in an FPS, so it’ll be interesting to see how developer DICE handle it.

Of course, Battlefield 1 was very nearly rejected because EA were concerned kids didn’t know that World War I even happened.

The teaser (which you can see for yourself below) concludes by promising more action on June 12, during EA’s E3 event.

If a trailer just isn’t enough for you (you greedy devil), you can also look forward to a Battlefield 1 livestream event. EA will be showing off a 64-player match, also on June 12.

The multiplayer mayhem will feature a number of popular YouTubers and Twitch streamers, and if you want to get in on the fun you can enter EA’s competition and essentially beg them for a spot here.