New CCTV Shows What Really Happened Moments Before Heiress Killed 5 People

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New video footage has surfaced which reveals precisely what happened in the moments before a millionaire heiress killed five people in Ukraine.


Alyona Zaitseva, 20, can be seen in the video, which suggests she ‘jumped a red light and rammed into a crowd’, according to police.

The video shows two cars racing along the streets of Kharkiv, one of which is reportedly Zaitseva’s black Lexus.


More footage reveals a collision between Zaitseva’s car and a Volkswagen Touareg on a busy junction at a set of lights.


The collision reportedly was the event which sent the Lexus spinning into pedestrians on the pavement.

It has also been revealed that Zaitseva has had ten previous brushes with the law for driving offences, four of which were apparently for speeding.

Initial reports suggested six people had been killed but the figure now stands at five deaths.


Anton Gerashchenko, Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, said:

This terrible video of the Kharkov tragedy should become a mute reproach to all those who exceed the speed and seek to save a few seconds by driving on a flashing yellow traffic light.

It is better not to look faint-hearted… For the last two years, the driver of the Lexus 8 !!! Once detained by the Kharkov patrol police for violating the rules of the road. Starting from driving to red light, speeding and ending with a violation of parking rules.

Every time she was fined 255-510 hryvnia. However, this had no educational effect. Conclusion – you need to radically change the system of punishment for violations of traffic rules in the direction of their tightening.

Anton Gerashchenko/Facebook

Among the dead are mother and daughter Alla Sokol, 46, and Anastasiya Sokol, 19. They will be buried tomorrow.


Also killed was Alexander Evteev, 27. His wife Oksana, also 27, is in a grave condition in hospital along with her sister Diana, 20.

Nina Kobiseva, 28, was also killed, as well as Elena Usmanova.


Yury Neudachin, 29, and Oksana Nesterenko, 36, were also said to be in intensive care.

Anna Komar, 25, is in a stable condition.

Pregnant Zhanna Vlasenko, 30, is in a medical coma, though her baby isn’t at risk, according to doctors.

According to Interfax Ukraine, Zaitseva has refused to speak to prosecutors about the crash, according a constitutional principle meaning she needn’t incriminate herself.


In the aftermath of the fatal collision, Zaitseva was photographed supposedly ‘smirking’ during discussions with the local authorities outside the courtroom today.

The young woman has had continual police protection since the crash, to protect her from angry witnesses to the scene of devastation she allegedly caused, which has been described as ‘like a warzone’.

The public expressed fears the heiress will escape justice because of her father’s wealth and influence in Ukraine, where the court system is notoriously corrupt.


The heiress’ father, energy company multi-millionaire Vasily Zaitsev, has only served to make things worse, when he did not mention the victims in his only comment on the crash yesterday.

Here’s the video, from Triolan Live:

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Seeking to blame another driver involved, Mr Zaitsev said:

It is a tragedy for our family. My child has not eaten for 24 hours. They did not let us see her, she was locked in jail immediately.

She was hit, do you understand? Her car was completely destroyed. The car was moving after the hit. How was that Touareg driving – it is not clear why it hit her this way?

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Our thoughts are with the families and friends of those who lost their lives at this devastating time.

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