New Civil War Teaser Promises An Avengers Brawl That Can’t Be Missed

by : Tom Percival on : 29 Mar 2016 17:11

Captain America: Civil War has put the hype machine into full gear, now the competition’s out of the way, and released a new teaser which promises that the battle of The Avengers is a rumble that can’t be missed.


The marketing for Civil War so far has concentrated on the wider Avengers picture so it’s interesting that this international TV spot reigns that in and instead focuses on the smaller character dynamics.


Most notably those bonds between Cap and his friends, and it must come as a relief for fans of the first Avenger that this trailer seems designed to reassure Cap’s fans that this is his movie and that despite the whole Marvel stable being in the film he’s the focus.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Marvel movie without some amount of spectacle and you can feel that after nearly a decade of world building the studio are finally indulging their inner child and just having fun with their toys.



It’ll be interesting to see how the film does both commercially and critically especially after Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice already set a precedent for superhero versus superhero based movies.  Dawn of Justice of course bombed critically, even if it became a financial juggernaut, so could it have ruined the audiences palette for super hero movies?

Marvel Studios don’t seem to think so and are likely confident that their strongly-established foundation of richly-developed characters and reputation as Hollywood’s leading superhero ‘brand’ will secure the film a positive reception. The studio’s so confident in fact that they’ve announced plans to its show it early to a few lucky attendees at CinemaCon almost a month before its U.S. release.

We’re cautiously optimistic, we’ve been burnt before…

Tom Percival

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