New App Stops Spoilers From Ruining Your Favourite Shows

by : UNILAD on : 07 Jul 2016 11:24

Sick of people spoiling an episode of Game of Thrones before you watch it? There’s an app for that.


And it’s ensured fans will never have to endure the terrible blow of spoilers again.

American website Spoiler Shield has vowed to stop vindictive viewers from revealing juicy twists to fans. The app (also available in the UK) comes as a Chrome extension and an app for iOS and Android. Basically, it creates a special version of your Twitter and Facebook feeds with all of the annoying spoilers removed.


Users select from a list of television shows and the chrome extension will hide any posts containing those words from your feed by presenting a specially-curated version of your newsfeed.


The site also helps sports fans avoid finding out the result of matches by blocking spoilers with their favourite teams – but being an American app, expect more NBA categories than football.

But Game of Thrones? They’ve still got you covered for that. There’s hope for the future.

Any blocked update can be viewed by double clicking. But before they are, posts appear greyed out with a message identifying them as having being shielded.


You may have to wait for more TV shows to come onto the list if yours isn’t there, though. Users can only block phrases that appear in the site’s pre-written list, which includes over 50 TV shows as well as NFL, NBA and MBL teams – but no custom options can be added.

The app may be worth downloading just for Game of Thrones though, considering how many spoilers the show gets.

While the sixth series just ended (and we may not see the seventh for longer than expected), the HBO hit had the most use on Spoiler Shield with 170,000 spoilers posted online per episode, the Daily Mail reports.

The app even warned GoT viewers that they should sign up to the app if they want to ensure season seven of the drama goes unspoiled.


It may just be worth it.

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