New Dark Souls 3 Video Shows Off Thief Class, Moves And Abilities


Fans of Bloodborne are going to find a lot to love in Dark Souls 3‘s nippy thief class, as new footage has been released showcasing some gnarly moves.

Dark Souls is well known for its methodical approach to getting killed repeatedly, but it looks like developers From Software have now added a class that will allow avid fans to get pummelled more effectively. Nice of them to do that.

The video shows the Thief getting all nimble and shit, as he side-steps and backstabs enemies with wanton glee. We also get to see some of the bow and arrow, which appears to be much faster than in previous games, but takes a chunk of MP with each projectile.

If you’re yearnin’ for a burnin’, then Dark Souls 3 will be heading to PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC on March 24.