New Deadpool Teaser Hints At Plans For A Wider X-Men Universe


With only weeks to go until Deadpool has mothers who don’t pay attention to movie certificates complaining, the team behind the film have released yet another teaser clip.

In the latest trailer, uploaded to Twitter, we see an awful lot of the same footage that we’ve seen a thousand times before, except for one quick shot that teases so much in such a short amount of time.

About four seconds into the clip there’s a super quick shot of the X-Men’s top secret underground facility, with Colossus walking towards the mutant’s personal jet, the Blackbird – which is then seen flying into the distance.

It was expected the film would tie into the X-Men films – as a number of prominent X-men make appearances in the film – but this hints at Fox building their own shared universe in a similar style to Marvel Studios.

The teaser’s just another example of the near pitch-perfect marketing the film’s employed using the character’s wise-cracking, fourth wall breaking insanity to great effect.

Perhaps the most refreshing thing about the seemingly endless ad campaign is that, opposed to letting a focus group dictate what fans want to see, the filmmakers have instead used the character’s many, many quirks as fodder to advertise the film.

giphy (3)Fox

The film has performed a number of ‘Deadpool-esque’ marketing stunts, including parodying Burt Reynolds infamous bear skin rug photoshoot and even releasing a number of misleading posters, designed to make people think Deadpool was a Rom-Com rather than a superhero action film.

It’s already been confirmed that Stan Lee will cameo in the film ‘in a way you’ve never seen before’, with the comic book writer having cameoed in almost every recent Marvel film to date, minus Fantastic Four – which was shite anyway, so who cares?

Deadpool will be in UK cinemas from February 10.