New Details Reveal Paris Attackers Planned To Act Again

salahFrench Ministry

It’s now been four months since a series of coordinated terror attacks marked the deadliest strike on France since World War II, which ISIL claimed responsibility for.

And the main suspect in the attacks that left 130 people dead last November has told investigators he was planning to act again, it was claimed yesterday.

Salah Abdeslam, who was captured on Friday, allegedly told investigators ‘he was ready to restart something from Brussels’, Metro reports.


And Belgium’s foreign minister Didier Reynders says the suspect’s claim is credible after a ‘haul of weapons’ and a supposed network of people around Abdelslam in Brussels were found.

Speaking to security experts on Sunday, Reynders said authorities have found more than 30 people involved in the Paris attacks and believe there are still more that have not yet been found.

He said:

After the terror attacks in Paris, I said to one TV channel in the U.S. that we were searching for around 10 people with heavy weapons. We have far more than that since November, and not only in Belgium but also in France.


And Metro reports that the foreign minister has urged European intelligence, law enforcement and border authorities to exchange more information to help track the suspects down.

Abdeslam’s claim of attacking again comes after he was captured alongside a suspected accomplice during a massive anti-terror raid in Brussels. He has since been charged with terrorist murder by Belgian authorities over the November 13 attack and ABC News reports he is being held in the maximum-security area of the Bruges prison.

Let’s hope justice is well and truly served for this bastard.