New Evidence Could Turn The O.J. Simpson Trial On Its Head

OJ Simpson sentencingPA

‘Years ago,’ a blood-stained knife was found buried on O.J. Simpson’s property and was kept in an off-duty police officer’s home until January this year.

Now, that same folding knife is being tested for hair and fingerprints by the LAPD, reports the New York Post.

The knife is thought to potentially be a key piece of evidence from the murder trial involving O.J, after the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman – for which O.J Simpson was controversially acquitted.


O.J. Simpson’s estate

The construction worker who found the blade, took it to a cop who was working in the area.

That cop supposedly did nothing with the potential evidence from the biggest murder trial of the century until late January, when he got in touch with a friend in the homicide division — and told him he wanted to have it framed for his house.

Apparently, the murder antique collector, even asked for the record number from the Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman murder case, so that it could be engraved into the frame – it was then that he was forced to hand the evidence in.

Cops who seized the weapon said it seemed to have blood residue on it, but that it was too stained and further testing will be needed.

O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown PA

O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown

However, even if it turns out to be the biggest evidence yet, it’s likely that former American football star, and actor, O.J. will not be prosecuted because of the double-jeopardy law which prevents someone from being tried for the same charges following a conviction or acquittal.

Even so, it’s a pretty incredible development in one of the most high profile cases of all time.