New Footage From Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk Looks F*cking Intense

Dunkirk /Warner Brothers

Christopher Nolan’s upcoming ‘action-thriller’ film DunkirkĀ looks set to be an intense cinematic experience.

The battlefields of World War Two have long been fertile ground for gripping and emotionally charged filmmaking.

However, it looks like Christopher Nolan’s contemporary take on the Dunkirk evacuation will take things to another level.

Dunkirk/Warner Brothers Pictures

Tense new footage shows close ups of young soldiers in dire peril and images of boats being completely destroyed by enemy forces.

Threatening letters swirl ominously in French streets to the sound of an unseen clock ticking.

While explosions rip the beaches apart and planes crash into the ocean, an unnamed character shakily recites Winston Churchill’s infamous ‘We Shall Fight Them on the Beaches’ speech to powerful effect.

Julia Banim | UNILAD

The plot focuses on the Dunkirk evacuation, where allied soldiers were rescued from French beaches as they were overrun by German forces.

According to Nolan, the subject interested him as it contradicts the typical Hollywood narrative of a ‘victory’.

Despite the historical setting, the characters will be purely fictional and so we should expect the unexpected, particularly when bearing in mind Nolan’s fascination with complex, often unreliable, narrators.

As shown in this new footage, Nolan has made the choice to incorporate three different narrative perspectives – land, sea and air – making for some striking visuals.

You can watch the new jaw dropping trailer for yourself below:

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Christopher Nolan has written, directed and produced some of the most well regarded and psychologically intense films of modern times, including The Dark Knight and Inception.

DunkirkĀ will star a number of heavyweights including Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh and Mark Rylance and, strangely, Harry Styles will make his acting debut in a significant break from his pop star heartthrob persona.

Complete with a stirring soundtrack from Hans Zimmer, this film has all the markers of a future classic. DunkirkĀ will be in cinemas from July 21 this year.

Julia Banim

Julia Banim

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