New Footage Of The Tianjin Explosion May Be Most Dramatic Yet



Last night, an explosion rocked the city of Tianjin in China, killing 50 people and injuring hundreds more.

The incident happened at a warehouse for hazardous chemicals and caused a huge fireball that could be seen from space. Twelve firefighters are among those who lost their lives and reports say that 36 people are still missing.

The monumental blast was caught on camera by dozens of people across the country, who collectively posted the footage onto social media – and now somebody has compiled six significant angles into one video.

But one piece of footage also uploaded to YouTube made its way onto Reddit today, and it may just be the most devastating one minute of footage I have seen in my lifetime.

Reports suggest that the man who filmed the angle, and his family, are safe and well – and that in the footage he told them all to go and hide in the bathroom. Wise.

Many commenters also expressed how happy they were to hear the man speak at the very end of the video, and we mirror the gesture!

Our thoughts go out to everyone involved in this horrible incident, especially to the friends and family of those who have lost their lives.