New CCTV Shows Knife Attacker ‘Trying To Decapitate’ Tube Passenger

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Shocking CCTV footage has been released of the horrific moment a former Uber driver tried to decapitate a Tube passenger with a blunt knife.


Muhiddin Mire, 30, attacked musician Lyle Zimmerman, 56, at Leytonstone Underground station, before trying to attack four other members of the public in a ‘brutal’ attack on December 5th, a court heard today.

The jury was told that Mire was motivated by revenge for the bombing of Syria and told passers-by: “This is for my Syrian brothers. I’m going to spill your blood.”

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After the attack police found images of Daesh hostages having their throats cut and a graph of U.S. and coalition air strikes on his phone, The Guardian reports.


Mire has admitted attempting to wound four members of the public and wounding the victim, Zimmerman, with intent, but denies attempted murder.

Opening the prosecution’s case at the Old Bailey, Jonathan Rees QC claimed Mire – a former Uber driver – had a history of mental health problems and had been experiencing paranoid delusions only a month before the attack.

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The jury was then shown the distressing CCTV footage, in which the accused could be seen following Zimmerman before reaching into his pocket, for what the Crown says was his knife.

Another cameras’ footage showed Zimmerman being attacked from behind and dragged to the floor. Mire could then be seen turning his victim over and making what the QC described as ‘a sawing motion with the knife’.

attack web thumbattack web thumbCCTV/Duncan Gardham

Zimmerman – who survived the assault, but suffered three deep cuts to his throat – told police he thought he was being attacked by ‘a crazy person’.

The prosecutor said another witness had described Mire as having ‘wide and staring’ eyes, ‘like he was not there’.


Mire left the station and tried to attack passers-by before returning to the tube station to attempt to wound three more passengers. Police then arrived and were able to detain him with the help of a Taser.


The case continues.

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