New Game Of Thrones Teaser Will Infuriate Fans Of The Show

by : Tom Percival on : 15 Feb 2016 12:29

It seems that the makers of Game of Thrones are just as cruel as the characters in the show, teasing fans with yet another glimpse at the fate of Jon Snow. 


After last week’s deluge of Game of Thrones photos failed to reveal the fate of Jon Snow, a new teaser called Hall of Faces may have revealed the fate of Jon Snow… again.

In the brand new, minute long teaser we see the gloomy Hall of Faces where Ayra Stark has been living, and which is now the morbid home of all the deceased members of the Stark family. The creepy trailer begins by moving through an arched vault, glimpsing the faces of the deceased as their ghostly words echo around them.


Beginning at Ned Stark, we soon see the rest of the unlucky Stark clan before finally coming to Jon Snow’s ghastly visage and the words ‘night of long knives’ reverberate through the empty tomb. For many, this is the definitive nail in the coffin over whether the world’s unluckiest bastard is alive or dead.


However, more keen eyed viewers have spotted that there are a few faces in the hall which definitely belong to those of the living, including Tyrion and Daenerys, leaving us still guessing as to Jon’s ultimate fate.

To be honest, the teaser is obviously designed to infuriate the audience by offering nothing new for us to speculate over, whipping up excitement for the new season… and, damn them, it’s working!

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