New Game Robinson: The Journey Will Mix VR With Dinosaurs


For those who grew up wishing dinosaurs were still around today, Robinson: The Journey will throw you right into their world, and under their feet.

The brains behind Crysis and Ryse: Son of Rome – Crytek – have decided to turn their expertise to something a little different, and Robinson: The Journey will be an exclusive for Playstation VR.

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Crytek’s executive producer Elijah Freeman spoke about the game on the Playstation Blog:

In Robinson, you assume the role of a young boy who has crash-landed on a mysterious planet, and must become a pioneer of sorts as you explore your surroundings, interact with the world around you, and discover amazing secrets at every turn. I can’t go into too many specifics right now, but that’s the (very) high level overview.

Running on the CryEngine, Robinson: The Journey is built on Crytek’s previous Back to Dinosaur Island VR demo’s, and aimed to use them as a basis for the game.

There’s currently no release date for Robinson: The Journey, but the ambition of the project is something to watch out for.